Panda Bear

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Author rocket_thumped
Tags action author:rocket_thumped changing-faces hard playable rated
Created 2007-08-21
Last Modified 2009-08-17
by 10 people.
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This is one of my favorites.

The bottom left corner might be the hardest, try to utilize the one-way cheat and use the bounce blocks down there. The rest for the most part is easier, an all gold demo should be difficult. I'll submit one, I would love it if someone would challenge it.


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I love this.

It's so fun!


roket... rocket

hay u have gone back to rocket_thumped... i prefered it that way.


at LAST! (but it's sooo slow. :P)

I'm faving it now, it's so addicting. Otherwise I would have never kept playing until I got it..
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this is the demo I'm talking about. I pull some sweet shit all through the beginning and then I'm just... owned.
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my first try...

I like this, but an all gold is too hard for me.. I've already tried about thirty times.. mostly, the left corner is the problem, but I'm also bogged down my despairing 3000 frame almost-agd-then-already-dead-at-the-left-corner. So I'll never AG it, and I'll never beat your time. Blah. Now I am depress-ed. 4/5.
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All gold demo.

Mine is easily improvable, but I think you should make your own without looking at mine.
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