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Author AlliedEnvy
Tags author:alliedenvy rated test
Created 2005-07-03
by 10 people.
Map Data

Description it's an OR gate. the presence or absence of the trapdoor indicates a bit, and you turn on entries in the OR gate by hitting the switches at the beginning.

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Please make:...

A not gate.
You could submit it and explain that you appreciate the simplicity of the not gate map design.

i don't

get this. will someone explain thia to me? otherwise i won't rate it

Like this

It's just a way of making it so that if you hit one OR the other switch you've chosen the downward path. It also works if you hit both.


I dont really understand what this has to do with anything, or maybe im just missing it, oh well, either way its pretty easy to beat

To Eldrial

Look on Map 10053


i think i'm really missing the purpose...


5/5 just for the idea, waiting for the other binary operators, hehe.