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Author stepself
Tags action author:stepself bitesized eclectic playable rated
Created 2005-07-05
Last Modified 2007-06-24
by 13 people.
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Description This is an odd level for me. Not my style at all. Leave comments!

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Yes!!! I did it! I finally did it!! All gold! Fastest!!!!

Brilliant level by the way.
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oooh... aaaah....

very nice. I must agree, it IS a little generic, but i ALSO agree that it is FUN (I like to use CAPITAL LETTERS)

I really like it...

Okay, you may call it slightly generic, and it sorta is, but its also pretty damn fun.


It's still great, but a little generic. I liked the bit with the floorguard.

all gold

not the fastest route, but still pretty nice. AMAZING map.
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Most-gold, followed by death.
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