Psico Inc 1 - Front Gate

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Author derekiv
Tags action author:derekiv different fun future med-hard mired neal playable psico unrated
Created 2007-09-01
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Description See my comment below

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MiReD here,

Did I forget to mention the mines under the gold..........

No Psico

It's Italian for Pycho


i think you mean psycho
Welcome. Your name is Neal and you hire out your skills as a N-Ninja. You have been hired by the Frim to investigate Psico Inc, a large Mega-Coperation. The company is run overall by Noah A Anyr. The is a robotic subdirector for each branch. The Nine branches are archeology, shipping, cyrogenics, robotics, electronics, reasearch, medicine, security, and insureance. the raeason for the Firm hiring you is that they beleive that Psico Inc is in on illegal arms dealing.Your mission is to inflitrate there head quarters and look for evidence. Good Luck.

Briefing 1:

Hello I am MiReD(MinuscleReconDrone)
I will give you a recon and mission breaifing for each phase of the mission.

So far you have dug as close to the electrified moat as you can. You know that almost all the human guards are on winter leave so you planned your assualt for tonight. For your current objective you must get over the outdated moat'n'wall and enter the main building.There are a few complicstions however. There a re out-dated, WWIV-era, gauss turrets on the top of the outer wall. With your speed you can easily avoid there fire. After the wall you must get past the state of the art anti-air defence system. The only weakness for these is that if you cut the power the blast doors that protect them from missle strikes they will lock in lock in the closed position.There are romurs stating that the front wall is electrified but that is dismiss as hogwash. As for the locked front door you heard an employee say',"We keep the keys on the rocks." Wether tis is valid or not we have yet to asertain.

Good Luck Neal.