Psico Inc - Security Showroom

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Author derekiv
Tags action author:derekiv dodger enemies fun inc medium mired neal playable psico rated
Created 2007-09-02
by 6 people.
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Description Breifing 2:
Hello, MiReD again

The next room is the securty showroom. This should be easy for a Ninja of your caliber but be careful because there may be an alarm system that unleashes the weapons on display.

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did that thwump come out of it's case!? Am I like the only one that saw that! Oops, sorry, brain damage.


Didnt see that coming!!!
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Demo Data


Ive given all your levels on numa a 5, simply because you had the decency to ask me to map maps that are based on a storyline like mine. enjoy :)
hallway scene just do a search for the next one.
MUch more time went ito it.


bollox. so easy and pointless
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i'm not going to even comment so you don't know if it was a really awful map or it was a damn good one