The Delight Abstract

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Author seven_two
Tags action author:seven_two rated stmappack
Created 2007-09-04
Last Modified 2010-10-16
by 10 people.
Map Data

Description Complete. 3 drones, 1 gauss, 1 rocket, 6 mines.
Cheatability gone?

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A. No.
Demo Data


This map is good.

*hope nobody notices his ego*
Well, I *do* like the gameplay, there just isn't enough of a constant threat for me to be a great fan of it.
Like, I can tell you took a great deal of time with it, and it pays off. The space and bounceblock gameplay is simply some of the best I played. 5 and favorited.

No, nevermore! Your demo doesn't work. :/


Haha. Cheated.
Demo Data

Fixed. Is it still possible?
I don't have a demo