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Author Borealis
Tags action author:borealis bitesized featured rated
Created 2007-09-07
by 47 people.
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Description ...+thecontoursofthebody/asluggishgoldenriver/asicklygoldentrickle...

A golden, sticky, trickle.

I wentoverboard,but the lifeboatmansaved me, muchlove tohim.

This map was featured on 2009-10-22

Borealis shapes space like some shape gold, into intricate, vibrant formations. His maps are constructed of empty arenas accented by a few patches of gold and a few strategically positioned enemies. A superb example of this is thereishoneyinthehollows.... Like most, thereishoneyinthehollows... is linear, and yet allows for a rainbow of routes and styles. I'm a proponent of "heedless abandon," myself, but I think this map is insanely addictive no matter how you play it. It's absolutely masterful. — gloomp

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this was

and still is, my favourite map on this site.
when people hear "Chicago" they think of the musical rather than a place where they are having the Olympics
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First try :)

now need to make an AGD
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Fun fun fun!

First try completion:
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don't I love

this map name.. yeah, I love this map title. <3

Sub-800 AGD

Really nice map. But I agree entirely with L247.
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There should've been gold in the upper right. 3.5 up.
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Pretty good

AGD, but definitely improvable. I found this very fun. 4aved. Great work, keep it up.
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this is a very different style to what I'm used to.

And its great
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= woot.


It's been a while since the last featured map in which I enjoyed both the map and the review. The words "shapes space like some shape gold, into intricate, vibrant formations" has inspired me to try out shaping spaces and gaps myself :D

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In LA?


Lol gtm

was your comment a reference to the new Los Angeles football/miscellaneous stadium they just approved? Or is that just total coincidence?
never stop, gloomp.


Good fun to play but otherwise nothing special.
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It was all right. Didn't love it, but it was entertaining. The floorguard section at the end was kind of cool.

Stupid chainshot

so annoying that chainshot is.

but nice map :D
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reasonable speed.

triple post... not good.

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I mean


Glad thats over with.
Good to know there are good maps left.
Feature, service or stadium.

Before you ask.

GTM is ill, so I'm filling in for him.


of style.
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gives you this nice feeling, like you are in a factory, the atmosphere was great, and gameplay was spectacular, 5/5
seems to plain and simple.

Felt nice

Interesting stuff.
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Allgolddemo below. Favorited.
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i will

submit faster later. 4.5aved.
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and... for a more in-depth comment, the ending with the gauss, floating 2 tiles, and mines, was confusing but not difficult, which made me love it. It sort of warped my mind around the jump-pad gold filled beautifulness of the rest of the level.
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Iloveyou Borealis.Mostcertainly the bestmapofthe week.
Iloveyou Borealis.Mostcertainly the bestmapofthe week.