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Author Yahoozy
Tags author:yahoozy bitesized playable puzzle rated
Created 2007-09-09
Last Modified 2007-09-09
by 12 people.
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Description Alone, unalive, forgotten and abandoned where only the discarded dwell, the scurrying of footsteps so large planets fall into the great pit, entire civilizations consumed in the slow frenzy of despair, an unholiness that judges without reason, digested by something so hungry, so insatiable, a gleeful darkness that knows you have arrived, and has always known, something that should never have been, something waiting with a patience truly terrifying, that is everything and nothing, a darkness that binds all together in fear and eternity. Await.

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Very intriguing concept. Beautiful!
I think it's a great and intriguing concept. Just, a bit underdeveloped, and a sort of uninteresting level to match. The mines inhibit the fluid movement I would sort of hope for in a map like this.


nice concept, just a few too many mines

Awesome concept...

I likes it.
anyway, it's fun, if a little too tricky and repetitive at times.


(cant even get to the third rocket, though)