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Author theBAMNman
Tags author:thebamnman rated test
Created 2005-07-08
Last Modified 2005-07-09
by 6 people.
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Description A tense little map that might get you stuck in some tight situations. You'll need good timing and delicate maneuvering for this one.

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Oops, sorry

Yeah I did change the level, but there may not have been much of a difference doing it your way. I tried to do that move even without drones and failed, so I figured no one else would be able to, but I was wrong! Props for figuring that out. I think this way's easier, though.
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here's another run... did you actually change the level? confused...
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I just completed the level and you went and changed it!!!!!!

Well this demo works in the OLD version....
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Updated Version

Okay, I've removed a few of the guys and switched around the doors. The zap drones are staying, though, as that was the point of the level in the first place. Perhaps I gave the wrong idea by putting it under action, so I switched it to test level. It may take a bit of practice, but it's definitely doable. This demo shows how you get past the first part.
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yeah, i suggest removing the zap drones. and perhaps if you enter the right area first, so then it will flow better.
perhaps gauss turrets instead of the drones.


This part is the worst. I always die to the zap drone if I get through.
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Yeah, the squeezing takes some practice. I've got a demo but I think others can do better so I'll just wait and see.


Very difficult. I can't make a demo. It was the drones that got me everytime. Of course, I never got far enough for the gauss to be an issue