Mechanical Monster

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Author b3njamin
Tags author:b3njamin bitesized featured fun hard mechanical-monster playable race rated
Created 2007-09-13
Last Modified 2015-08-12
by 50 people.
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Description the first of the MM series!
I wanted to make it longer but I failed, so here's a shorter version. have fun

This map was featured on 2008-08-10

There was a time when I became obsessed with Race maps. Over the span of a few weeks I would only play Race maps because I felt they were so unique in their own way and that there was such a difficulty in creating them.

From that time so many moons ago, this map, Mechanical Monster, stood out from the crowd. The difficulty bar is set high but if you manage to complete it you'll definitely be quite pleased with yourself. For any die hard Race fans, this is definitely your turf. — origami_alligator

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I surprised this is your only feature. I love the difficulty of this. I messed up at the bottom, but I absolutely loved it! Awesome flow! 5aved!
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F***ing sweet. 5aved
how bout kraddas?

i read your profile

can you concider doing ddas?
if so, report to me imediately.


i loved this when it came out, too. Surprised i didnt comment...
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Oh God

This was the first featured map I ever played... I still remember how much fun it was... 5

*Wipes tear away

I feel honored because this map is featured! thx, I will try to do my best again

very good

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Probably the best maps ever.
Please keep it up.
More Mecanical Monster Maps.
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Slowed down at the end...


Great Map.

Favourite Author At the Moment.

Keep the races coming.
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This? Featured?

I strongly dissagree, but I guess it's up to the reviewer.


the tiles are awesome.
the objects make the map look overcrowded.
The flow was good, but had some strange interruptions.


first time i ever one one of these without watching a demo.
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I can't match that, ska!
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The thing I like about this map is the replay value.
Decent tiles - lackluster and careless object placement though.
Flow was pretty good but not as seamless as I'd hoped.
3.5/5 from me. Rounded up..
agd attached. NReality as always :P
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I would prefer a frogs' map over this any day, the flow is like every other race that comes out these days, and the enemy use is nothing amazing to help the action out.


I freaking LOVED the tileset. I don't care that it's too hard. I love watching the demos. The only think I don't like, infact I hate, is the tiles near the end. The diaganol tiles just kill the map. Also the end seems like a cop out kind of. Still most of this map is perfection.

Cheesepuffs you're wrong. Featured maps are simpley maps that stand out, someone thinks are good so they feature it. It lets many people who haven't seen it before - like me - to have a chance.
but stop featuring maps that didn't come out recently. Seriously. Its supposed to replace bitesized, and all that is happening is bitesized maps being featured.


Awesome flow

not for me.


not quite as fast

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Cool race



I did something weird.
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awesome flow



very nice! i like it


I LIKE ... yehhh .

sorry for the long speech before 4/5

hey old friend

hey ben i aint rated or commented you maps for ages... sorrty i have been busy making map an all - i promise todo so more in the future.

just about to play this map looks great.

ha my map beat ours ( talking about that we have to make another collab sometime )

I didn't like this

Insanely confusing, and tileset is way too busy for such a complex race. The aesthetics were messy, and enemy placement was poor, as you had to use a lot of doors.

luved it


my demo

is pwnage to the max. it's kinda funny to watch. uhh, eah 4aved
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the bottom right chimney jump annoyed me.
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