guitar hero 2

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Author hondaMXrider
Tags art author:hondamxrider game guitar hero n-art rated video
Created 2007-09-15
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description I did the best I could

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nice job

looks just like the real thing


mrgy and ryzor both right on this one. it would look a lot better centered and slightly cleaned up - and with some colour/shading on it. oh and as a tip - on the II and some of the other parts - change to the c snap when doing the vertical and horizontal lines - makes it a lot nicer on the eye. z snap for everything thats not a straight line tho. so far N/R


I like it alot great job


much look like the original...Look at the 'G' for instance...anyways, 2.5. not centered, crooked lines, and it's rather drab.

Good so far

But don't stop here. You have alot of empty space, fill it up with something, music notes, abstract detail, something.