Inside Minaret 5

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Author seven_two
Tags action author:seven_two bitesized city destroyed insideminaret rated sundayn
Created 2007-09-16
Last Modified 2010-10-03
by 12 people.
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Description I've heard that you're nearing the core of the city. There, the area is enforced and guarded by the elite members of the Star Patrol, and you should keep the fuck away from them. Keep moving when inside a minaret. The Patrol knows where you are. Also, always take cover. The gaps between the minarets seem to be a great choice.

p.s I defused all of the mines for you.
p.s.s I installed some bounce blocks in the minarets.


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quite cool. branched out a little from the series. It'd be sick if you'd make another of these, one that again branched out a little, it was always a cool series but most of them just felt like slight diff versions of the others, with no real new ideas


A. Hello, seven_two.

I remember these "Inside Minarets". :D

They are cool. :P


Atob-ish, in my opinion.

You took the wrong approach to climb the wall on the earlier demo :)
its pretty good. fast. 4
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oh come on

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I installed bounce blocks.



bounceblocks at the top


There's a trick to do it.
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