The rain on my skin feels cold

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Author usaswim
Tags action author:usaswim changingenemies featured rated
Created 2007-09-18
Last Modified 2007-10-13
by 13 people.
Map Data

Description Blood.

Press J before loading.

This map was featured on 2011-04-24

My day could not get any better! A big promotion; what more can you ask for! At 3:00P.M., my shift was over for the day. Since I did not take my car, I walked home. As I was walking, a gentle breeze came my way. Then I felt a droplet on my hand. Finally, there was a downpour. All I could do was clutch at myself to try to stay warm.

Oh, how the rain felt cold, so cold. — 1211

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not every review has to mention the map all the time.


So did you feature this map because you liked it, or because the title matched your day?

I remember.


Fun map.

Demo Data
I'm not sure about some of the horizontal doors, but there's a creative spark throughout that makes this very satisfying to explore.

Fav'd. Well deserved feature.

Faster AGD

I love the tileset. Positioning of the chainguns is also really good. 5aved.
Demo Data

Aesthetics: 3.5/5.
Fun: 7.5/10.
Enemies: 7.5/10.
Total: 18.5/25. The chainguns worked well.

Lovely tileset

Plays really well. 4/5


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