Inside Minaret 6

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Author seven_two
Tags action author:seven_two balcony bitesized featured insideminaret playable rated stmappack
Created 2007-09-23
Last Modified 2010-10-16
by 40 people.
Map Data

Description Inspired by Cave Story.

I was bothered by the outside gold and the drone clotting so here you go, a revised mechanics version.

This map was featured on 2008-10-20

Inside Minaret 6 - Outer Wall is one of the best smart drone maps ever created. The ever-present threat of alerting the drones creates a wonderful tension, the gold tempting the player to linger a little longer in harm's way. To me, watching the drones zoom across the map after the ninja reminds me of Galaga. And like Galaga, the brilliant construction and the amazing yet simple gameplay mechanics come together to form a map that is fun for players of all skill levels. Great job seven_two. — toasters

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first try agd

including a pretty clutch save.
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love. it.
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Incredible fun

Great map, great review. 5aved

unstructered AGD

great level

Fantastic Map

One of those rare maps where a great concept meets perfect execution. Just superb to play.
5/5. Here's a death demo. I might get an AGD later, but I don't have time to right now.
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One of my favorites

Good review, too. :D


*another* reviewer. wow.

there we go.

woo. yeah i swear this one is so good.
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hahaha AHHHH!

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Demo Data

Loving that demo, Msyjsm


You currently have 72 maps on NUMA. You must stop now for the sake of unity.

This map is great.

So is Cave Story, especially the part you're alluding to. Every time I hear that Balcony music it just makes me so happy. Decent AGD included.

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I think sub-1400 is possible.
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Demo Data

This could have been around 200 frames faster.
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yes! fastest agd

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easy simple fun

1st go agd
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love ya


getting off-topic, but do you know where i could get an english-translated version of cave story?


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I would've sized this myself if fingers hadn't.
Five, all the way.
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No matter where you place the zap drone, it will always return to the original spot.
Genius. 5/5faved.
No matter where you place the zap drone, it will always return to the original spot.
Genius. 5/5faved.


the best in the series, 4.5avesized

i /really/ love the mechanics
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Wow, so many rates :D

Cool AGD :D
kind of the same? oh well, this was pretty fun. 4/5


pretty nice level.

this is much better

thank you. 4.5
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