More Fun to be had [Revamped]

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Author Buckminsterfullerene
Tags author:buckminsterfullerene duet fun hard revamped tower unrated
Created 2007-09-24
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Description A duet of deadly distracting disciplines

Revamped for your N-pleasure!

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ha ha see...

this is possible. LOOK


much better and more challenging but i agree that some floor guys dont pass the doors


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of flow. better than the first. you realize some of the floor guards don't pass the doors?


Demo Data


Have headed your suggestions and revamped this level's left side. It should me much more fun on the left with an added twist at the end. Some indivisable doors where added just for that shock factor (maby you'll find out what I meant on the first fall)as well as some one-ways by the floor guards. The level should be overall more playable and entertaining- thanks for the suggestions!