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Author theBAMNman
Tags author:thebamnman rated test
Created 2005-07-10
by 6 people.
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Description I got bored. What else can I say?
Might as well jump.

Put this in your userlevels file for an added time challenge.

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First try

Tough, but I did it. One gold left.
Demo Data
on the very top left part of the level, the jump is made much easier by holding down left as you bounce up, and walljumping right before you hit the ceiling.

Great map

The start went quite wrong in this demo, lol.
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Actually, you "cheated" it. It was on the jump in the top right, but your way isn't too easy anyway, so it works. In my demo, I had problems at the beginning and at the end, but the stuff in the top left corner is nice.
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This demo was the first time I got to the left side, which is why it goes so slow at that point. This was fun, though I'm not entirely sure it can't be cheated...
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