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Author mithril_silver
Tags author:mithril_silver test unrated
Created 2005-07-11
Last Modified 2005-07-11
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Map Data

Description this is a cool thing i found:
heres wht u do maximize the game, change the number in the code before the "^" to 5 and load it, and u should see a giant N in the upper left hand corner

if u jump u should see smoke on the ground when he lands but he is still in the corner

leave comments and can someone tell me whts happening?

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Why not make a level called the Vanishing N?


too bad for me...

It's not new...

Check the Manual Nediting thread on the boards - LittleViking beat you to it.


i finally discovered something cool yay!

Nah, I'm serious

I hadn't seen that before. It's cool!


I can't tell if atra is being sarcastic...

This is a known bug. Search the forums for "Giant N", or something along those lines.


that's amazing! I'm impressed. I also found that if you put an exit in there, you can see all the finishing animations super-sized!. This is cool. Maybe M&R will know what's up.

doesn't work

sry, doesn't work