We're Out of Rhythm With Our Time.

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Author skyline356
Tags action author:skyline356 bitches get over playable rated rhythm time yourselves
Created 2007-09-29
Last Modified 2007-09-29
by 8 people.
Map Data

Description I really don't care how much the right side looks like a Yahoozy map. It's not. Get over yourselves, bitches.

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Aw man.

This would have rocked.
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Death demo.

But it's pretty awesome.

And yeah, this map is amazing.
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If someone can do this stunt, maybe you'd just skip the jumping part altogether.

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and i mean /hard/
i go pretty damn fast, and it depends more on timing that its loses its fun

Or at least I think it deserves one.


not an agd, i missed the section above the spring. why dont you do races anymore?
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Holy fuck nuts.

Great map.


i love this map! i just cant get past the left side at all... ive gotten 3 of the doors, but not all four... im going to keep trying though. 4.5/5aved

The right side

looks like a yahoozy map.