Going straight down T' pan

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Author in_dub
Tags author:in_dub bitesized featured fun playable race rated rubber rushed
Created 2007-09-30
by 22 people.
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Description Remindes me of a building site!?!
i was making this map and i got bored with it so i rushed it and sent it in. play, have fun, enjoy and rate.


This map was featured on 2017-01-22

When I first started making race maps I discovered in_dub through the top rated section of the old NUMA website. And what I found blew me away. He was making incredibly fluid flow in such original and creative ways - I would play his maps and think, "I'll never be that good."

He inspired me by providing an unreachable goal. Every time I crested a hill in my own mapping I could see him atop the peak, always above me.

And he did all that 10 years ago, with very little to take inspiration from and hardly any practice. Baffling. — _destiny^-

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destiny this is an

amazing feature. Love the map

Also want to say- really good feature this

(if you want to play who gets idea first, i posted draft so you can see what we already have -less the stuff on the discord chat, on metanetforums )
Suggestions for N game topic is coming alive again, all ideas very welcome! Whoever posts accepted ideas first (on either metanet forum or n2 forum) will be credited in the compiled version (compiled by me and whoever helps)

Little faster fbf

and all gold
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missed one piece of gold, almost died to a thump, and almost went too fast for the laser on the second go round.
Nice race though.
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I remember playing this. Such a great race map.
Demo Data

so close to fastest

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feels tight-spaced but kicks ass!


Yes you are good.

Somehow this took a while to grab hold of.

Lots of twists and turns - there's always something round the corner.

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you ded is ready

nice map to your like the best race maker


You are good

at what you do.