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Author nemetacyst
Tags action author:nemetacyst drones rated
Created 2007-10-08
by 5 people.
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Description Pretty simple, but not easy

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i in fact did think about drones and they are in fact NOT in the same place across the level
look a little closer

remove the gauss

or make the ground easier. also you didnt think about the placement of the drones. you just put them in willy-nilly. Two drones on opposite sides at the same time makes this map bad.
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Take this completion! Wait ... it's not a completion.

It's a AGD too! %_%


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nice demo, iw as wondering who would try doing it with the drones still there (mostly, anyway)

excellent job, despite lack of completion

Real tough map

Here's close to completion, or half way lol
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its not suppsoed to be easy...

ill mess around and see if i cant do something to not make it soo easy to rearrange without danger, but not with something as relentless as a gauss


remove the gauss turret. It distracts you from re-arranging the drones. This is an excellent idea, however, it is hard to survive long enough to appreciate it.