When the World Bends onto Itself

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Author nemetacyst
Tags action author:nemetacyst hard rated
Created 2007-10-09
by 14 people.
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Description I had an idea, so here it is
CAUTION: dont complain about difficulty, i know it's difficult, i dont want to hear about it

comments, ratings, demos w/e

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got three triggers.

Demo Data

Son of a B

Tough map, prolly what the HARD tag is on there ^_^
Demo Data

nice map

hard (pronounced "fun"). remindes me of maps that were about when i first joined numa - no idea why. 4/5

I had an idea once

it consisted of sticking cheezles on my fingers. Alas, I was to late, some other ingenious person had done it before. I was crushed. Oh yeah, I played your map. And commented it. Then, shortly afterwards, rated it 4.5. Holy crap, time paradox!
This is a cool map but WAY too hard for me. But it looks cool and makes me want to try it again so you get a 4/5, even though it eventually gets so relentlessly annoying my ears bleed.

you're here now

that makes me certain that you will visit every so often

also, imma go soon.

as soon as I dump all of my other stuff off of me


i may redo this concept with some better tiles and layout, i imagine i could come up with something a bit cooler

and sorry turtle

but "back" is exactly where i dont want to be
i just need a good little time consumer and stress waster for a while, how long a while is, i dont know
but dont count on me staying around


somebody say tileset?
capable of what?
ill make one just for you tomorrow, turtle
or as soon as i can get a decent idea...

as far as I can get

yeah, I like this map a lot. nearly bitesizeable, but as you said, difficulty...
and, I know you are capable of better tilesets.

im really glad you are back
Demo Data


It's too hard for me, at least err I'm a little impatient to actually finish it (crappy computer = lag).

But it's a very well designed level. Almost everything has a purpose, especially to add more difficulty. All while looking for nice. I just don't seem to like reloading some excess objects every time I fail.

4.5 / 5


And no

i wont change it to a gauss thats just silly (ie: easy)