The Grid

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Author nemetacyst
Tags action author:nemetacyst chainguns rated
Created 2007-10-09
by 5 people.
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Description it a bit of fun, shouldnt be too hard, and its quite fun to just test your own survival ability while judging drones and sight paths and such

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a little too hard for me - but fun for a while. 4/5

and nice demo

thats actually how its supposed to be played
i just tested it enough so i know a rather simple and quick way


the doors just make it so its not insane, and they are placed so when standing on one ways, you still dont always get the benefit, so you have to time jumps to be below or next to a door to protect you

First try.

Not complete. I like the map, there aren't really any "safe spots" despite the doors (which is a good thing) and you have to keep moving.
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