Trapped in a Hillside Near You

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Author Buckminsterfullerene
Tags author:buckminsterfullerene crawl deep gold hillside jump light mines playable rated trapped
Created 2007-10-20
by 6 people.
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Description Please read this first:

AHH! what's that ?! I can't see...the light, its out! I...I'm traped!!

So you're stuck in a mine... the first order of buisness is to escape! You must watch out for the methane pockets that can explode at any second.

(Remember, you're still on commission! so grab as much gold as you can and run!)

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Why mE???

I had 10 min and i was in the ending when i blowed up...


and thanks for the comment on my N+ map


All gold. First try.
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i like the story. As for the map its tiles are real hard to play on. But I'll still 5ave it.

Omfg of 5k AGD

I won't ever do this again, those jumps kill me.

3.5/5, fun till it got boring ^_^
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a piece of gold that's unattainable too. the one in the corner by the 3 locked door switches.


A bit easy.

I died right near the end and couldn't be bothered to do it again.

i like the idea

and the tiles match it perfectly, but those tiles really are not fun to play on. they're nice to look at. i can not enjoy this map. NR


great map, love the story