smeered hollows

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Author in_dub
Tags action-y author:in_dub gold meh playable puzzle rated
Created 2007-10-21
Last Modified 2007-10-21
by 9 people.
Map Data

Description Hard - AGD

anybody can cheat but where is the achivement in that!?!

if you finish this unscaved i have to say you must be magic because it is so hard and i'm only sending it in so you lot can have a challenge but font get too stressed now.

a race map is on it way but i got bored and had to make a map.


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Kinda lame

but fastest AGD?
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speedrun :] nice map!
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Not really a puzzle but fun all the same. 4/5
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AGD -1
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After like, a million tries I all golded. I AG'ed it. But I wasn't recording.

And it was a fluke, I can't do it again. :(

real good,

a nice balance of difficulty.

in essence

this is a fun good level - but i just dont seem to like it at all. however i will vote according to the map. the agd is hard to get and i dont have one yet and as you say - puttign up a normal demo isnt anything special. so 4/5 for the map


I like your races more than this
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very nice

agd coming up