White Led

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Author in_dub
Tags author:in_dub fun playable race rated sexy
Created 2007-10-22
Last Modified 2007-10-22
by 14 people.
Map Data

Description NOT for those that like a hard map -
its a bit short -
play at your own risk -

! got bored made a race now play it !

the demo is in a dark corner of the page

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Demo Data

Oh, balls, I missed a bit. I was wondering how the hell I got the fastest agd with such a lame demo! here's an average actual agd instead...
Demo Data

fastest agd

Demo Data

at least

you know how to make races that aren't just bla generic maps. 3.5

Boring race.

That is all..

not bad

Demo Data

Demo Data


Too many unnecessary mines. Gold placement makes me yawn.

this i great

i really like the open feel to it. the flow was very good also. some parts suprised me.. in a good way!


it inspires me
Demo Data


meant to talk from this login. damn that collab confusion...

this is hard?

look at leviathan by Psycho_co. that's hard. this is just fun.

first try completion agd

5aved. beautifully abstract and still flowy
Demo Data


quite as good as your others, i think the flow is too broken and choppy for me, i prefer mexican pimp XD

Okay race, 3.5
Demo Data

shitty demo

i dont particularly like this one coz i cant decide whether i think the flow is easily broken or its good. the level was alright. overall i think its a 3.5
Demo Data
i like the route (is that right? an other word for way or circuit?) very much, very coll ideas and such..
Demo Data
very good map

Demo Data


in the dark corner
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