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Author great_sea
Tags author:great_sea bitesized playable puzzle rated
Created 2005-07-16
Last Modified 2005-07-29
by 12 people.
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Description The tileset was made by formica (with a few alterations), and much inspiration came from euphoria and a well-known atramentis map. It is bad manners to use edit mode here. Please tell me what you think.

"You have gone out of your mind, so they sent you to this horrible place. That accursed tree with it's wicked fruit confronts you all day long. They locked you here with the thing, destined to drown in the murky depths of your own depraved paranoia. Years gone by, you nurtured and grew this tree, and now it longs to kill you. In those days, however, you left a safe path out in the event that somebody was imprisoned here. Now you must escape. This is the riddle you left for yourself to find: 'In pairs they lay, treasures resting upon greater treasure, waiting to be trampled.'"

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awesome it looks so good plays well too

nice map

i like the idea hiding keys in the ground, nicely done. very unique concept. 4/5 only cause the tilesets not your own.


That's harsh, dude. It did make me laugh though :P.


Stupid tree. <_<
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That is one evil tree. Very hard map.


Don't look unless your really "stumped!" ;-)
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