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Author ghazbaran
Tags author:ghazbaran n-art nonplayable rated
Created 2007-10-23
by 14 people.
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Description Wooho

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@ ghazbaran

The only thing I like about this one is the bike, which is quite choppy. The other stuff looked weird..


Lucky I didnt submit it without background, I'd get 1's as a gift


With this I learnt to paint background first
Thanks for your votes

Why 2/5?


The last few guys pretty much nailed it. It's a great effort, but it's real rough around the edges. You've got those colours pretty much spot on. Try getting the shapes right.
But yeah, it's far too rough around the edges, and other such little problems.

I'll give you a 3.

For effort.


The reason? It's complete. There are so many N-Arts (Including mine) that are not finished.

Why not any higher than a 3.5/5? real crude, the background has noticable white gaps, inside the bike there are white gaps, the tires on the bike are real crude, and general coloring is rough.

But those are just my critiques to help you on your next N-Art



so is the right leg and arms - so basically what cahu said. id give it a 3.5/5 but it also looks like the guy is gonna get absolutely owned when he lands - which made me remember all the owned vids ive watched on youtube and it made me laugh. 4/5 :D


Sorry, my computer is lagging much, lucky me it didnt boom after finishing background


his right boot, the bikes wheels and his arms need a bit of touching up, but this is pretty damn good. :)