Digital Enterprise

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Author ghazbaran
Tags author:ghazbaran dda playable rated
Created 2007-10-24
by 5 people.
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Description My first DDA ever. I really suck at making them, and when making this one my pc rebooted and had to start it again -__- so I made it shorter.

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you kept it simple which is good when you're making it but try to make it more complicated even if it involves trial and error
4/5 keep working and you shold get much better.


It was almost the same but with more lenght, more speed, a rocket launcher, and about the tileset, Idk why I did it that way

pretty good, 4

i would have loved to see you first version


Ok, When I did it first time there were more jumps, more speed , no launchpads and a rocket launcher. but after I did it again, somehow it went wrong and I needed to put launchpads and no rocket launcher.
anyways, thanks for your votes


it does need more enemies and length.
but at least it doesn't have noobish propulsion.

Too slow

*propulsion fin (but cut out some jump pads)
*more enemies
*speed it up
*a better tileset never goes wrong


I say this about most 1st DDAs. It seems you built the DDA on propulsion rather than enemies making there be less close calls. This aside it was good. 4 for a 1st.