Death Head

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Author ]{NO3
Tags author:]{no3 n-art nart nonplayable rated tileset
Created 2007-10-31
Last Modified 2007-10-31
by 9 people.
Map Data

Description the death head symbol, which can be seen on boba fett's left pauldron.
use the tile set and credit if you want, ill use it oneday but not right now. feel free to remove any of the mines.

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By 7 people too

I don't see what's so great or even aesthetically pleasing about this. 2/5
yet a full score?

wow a perfect 5

i didnt think it was THAT amazing


ive never seen this done before. i made this just today, and didnt steal it.
But I can also guarantee that it's been used many times in the past for maps.

soon expect

more nart,( a blood one.)
and more Idgaf levels