Intra-System 2

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Author sanity
Tags author:sanity playable race rated
Created 2005-07-18
by 9 people.
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Description unpredictible and much more complex than the first, though you might get i bit of lag.(extenisive use of trapdoors)

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Nearly no stopping anywhere... Fastest map out there i think (?)


And I thought this would be a map with a lot of uneeded things and that it would be boring. Boy was I wrong! Fast paced, full of action, this is what I call "fun". Good job, 4.5!

i really really

loved the nonstop feeling of this level. at the same time, though, it was a little too DDA'ish, and a little too short. 4/5.


I like the way the level channels you around unpredictably. Got it on my 3rd go. 4.5/5, the extra .5 being for clever door placement.
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