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Author cahu
Tags action author:cahu rated tribute
Created 2007-11-01
Last Modified 2007-11-20
by 5 people.
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Description this is a tribute to ]{NO3, and his gorgeous series. (thanks for letting me do this, by the way)

i can never hope to create anything half as good as N03's original fortress type maps, but consider this my best(read: not good) effort to mimic that style.

oh and comments/ratings much appreciated :)

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here's my ideas,
sorry it took so long


I wish there'd been a launchpad at the bottom...
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sure, go ahead

thanks for commenting, i didn't realise it was so hard

do you mind if i

edit this? and change a few object placements?

hey cahu! :D

umm, im a guy. the tile set kinda resembles my maps, but mine pretty much revolve around 2 and 3 tiles.
tips: keep it simple and reasonably easy, but fun. (my hard ones were made at school and couldnt be tested properly.
i think that the first rocket was anoying. you should have put more free roaming drones in.
i really enjoyed the second part, although there was one too many enemies there.

but awesome job for a first one. 4/5;

Really challenging.

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Nice level..

4/5 demo!!
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