Prison break part 1: above ground

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Author bac0nbitz
Tags action author:bac0nbitz playable race rated
Created 2007-11-02
by 6 people.
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Description First addition into the series i'm doing. It'll be of various different kinds of maps. Here's the irrelevent story that no one probably cares about:

N looked around him. He had entered the yard above ground. He knew that he had to break his target out of prison, and he also knew that the security was tight... but what he didn't know was that it was buried completely underground. As he started running, he found it would be hard to stop.

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but anyway it's supposed to be part race... and then i ran out of ideas and didn't want to make it repetetive so i made a few non-race bits.

BTW: the only time i ever stopped while doing my final test on that stage was the part with the lazer drone and the pit. Everything else i could still go pretty fast.
of places you can stop. so its not hard to stop. not horrible, but definitely not great. 3.
and there are places you HAVE to stop, and its not flowing.
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it was kind of fun too.


this is just about the most n00b map i've seen in a long time. No offense, all of us had our n00b stage, but it's really apparent. If this was supposed to be a race, make it a race, because there are a few times where you stop, generally not good in a race. Keep making maps, because you'll eventually figure out what your style is and all, but still a n00bish map.