Dr Who?

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Author ghazbaran
Tags author:ghazbaran n-art nonplayable rated tileset
Created 2007-11-03
Last Modified 2007-11-03
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description Not very usable but nice I suppose!

Use abuse credit blah blah blah

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dr who goes kinky. 2.5/5 as well. the left one looks far to malevolent - especially for someone whos standing above another person in bed. :P

Do you

mean the super amazing british TV show: Dr. Who?


Theres no "arm" over there... The guy is in a bed like this \____


I was extremely really, but REALLY bored
I dont care about the votes, just had some fun doing it :D
I dont want to know what the guy on the left is doing with his arm, but the other guy has an awfully big smile on his face...hehe, jk, but it is pretty simple. 2.5/5 because there's no way espada could do it. And its still better than some of the ts's that come through here.