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Author great_sea
Tags action author:great_sea bitesized playable rated
Created 2005-07-18
by 10 people.
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Description Simple and fun. The beginner's goal is simply completion. Intermediate goals are speed or all-gold demos. (A proper speed demo will involve passing some drones)

Advanced challenges: (1) Collect all the gold and reach the exit before the drone that starts above you. (2) Complete the map travelling clockwise.

Expert challenges: (1) Make an all-gold or speed demo travelling clockwise. (2) Complete both "advanced" goals in one demo.

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Really cool level.

true all gold

one intermediate challenge completed.
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if you want more difficulty, try to complete some of the harder challenges.


I think it couldve been a little more challenging. still very good.


My bad
not 5/5


Was trying all-gold but gave up due to schedule limits.
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Flashy tileset...

5/5 C:
Demo coming


well, i did it, but NOTHING special.
very cool tileset. i like it.
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all gold

Yeah... I missed _one_ piece, i know! :P At least I completed the beginner's challenge.
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