Flamethrower as Guidance Counseler

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Author superguh007
Tags abstract action author:superguh007 bitesized bounceblocks featured oneways playable rated
Created 2007-11-05
by 36 people.
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Description Sounds like a lit-crit sort of thing. "Stephen as Icarus in Joyce" or something.

Anyway, started this one out with a foggy idea, then added another idea... and something sort of nice came out. Hope you agree.

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This map was featured on 2009-02-18

This map may not look it, but it is both suave and subtle. It uses mechanics that I haven’t seen in any other map and seamlessly blends them with generic action map elements. Both the design and gameplay are great, and perhaps the only thing this map has to aspire to is good looks. — lord_day

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it waws a great map 5/5,
i know this is off topic but i got banned from the n forums and i dont know why and this is a featured map so i figured most people would look here...

superguh007 made better maps than this. 3/5


no joke


this isn't meant to be a fast demo by any means, I'm just showing how frustrating it can be to get past the one ways..
Demo Data


Demo Data


Demo Data


I agree with gtm
the only part I liked were the drones and one ways
sorry but a 3 from me

oh dear oh dear

I don't know what to say

Nice slow AGD

I like it.
Kind of reminded me of a first map (atmosphere wise.) Only better.

I would have to say...
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are pure genuius.

all gold

a wee bit faster
Demo Data


That was...

the most fun I've had playing a map in a while.
5aved for sure!

All gold.

I slipped up a few times. It could go below 1600 easily.
Demo Data
Getting up from the bottom right area was a little frustrating for me, and the top right part seemed nooby =/


So abstract, but so... good.
i like it


i LOVE the ending.


Demo Data




I liked it all, apart from the main concept, it was just kind of messy, I don't know how todescribe it...
Demo Data
I wanna see featured
I just didn't like how it came together as a whole, or rather how it didn't.

sub 2000 agd

can be faster.
Demo Data


slower completion demo
Demo Data

A Demo

for you guys to beat (Im sure you can}
Demo Data

Great style.

Impressive map.


I loved it.
Abstract, in a good way.


I love it. It plays great, looks great and is very clever.

Very clever.

And the tileset earns points too.