lovability junkyard (tiles)

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Author cahu
Tags artsy author:cahu bitesized ooh rated tileset
Created 2007-11-06
by 12 people.
Map Data

Description quite versatile, i found.
for your usage/abusage/alteration

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MAP []!


pretty alright
stop it with the high expectations already! my earlier maps stomp all over these, but i don't seem to be able to make them anymore. so if you can, just enjoy and be content with the maps iv'e already made, and don't exect much more. :)

and what collab? :D


Adore you cahu
<inadvertantly kisses feet>


I feel I should mention you should make more maps like this:
They're incredible. More, more! i <3 you! Am I starting a collab, or are you?

I used it

I noticed you also made a level of it; off to play that now.

It rocks.

wow :)


It's /very/ nice