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Author blue_tetris
Tags author:blue_tetris featured game unrated
Created 2007-11-06
Last Modified 2007-11-06
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This map was featured on 2010-03-11

At age 4, I said my first word. "Mom".
At age 15, I had my first kiss. "Marc".
At age 24, I graduated from the Wyoming Robotics Institute. A creaky robot gave me my plaque. "Congratulations".
At age 42, I invented a way to make robots real.
At age 57, I joined a rebellion against the robots.
At age 101, my mother died because of some bad_circuitry. I looked up Marc, and he cried at me for hours.
At age 152, I led the team that killed the last human.
Executing_program:: "Orson_Scott_Card".
At age 0, I was born. "Paradise". — Slappy_McGee

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You kids really

turned this map into an argument! lol
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good review

map is okay.

The underscores really added something here.

the map was ok

i quite liked the review. well written, interesting, original, engaging, and it was even *relevant*, too.
i was bored and i found LT's first map with objects.. hahahaha


pretty good
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Not gonna lie.

That was one of my all-time favorite reviews.

My attempt at speed

I don't really like the map either but then again I have horrible taste.

Speaking of which, now we're talking about it, Maxson, you said many of the reviews lately were off - what did you think of mine (they were my first :|) ?
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agree with AMLT.


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Speed Run

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I know.

I just thought there were connotations to using the word sub-par that reach out beyond your opinion, is all. I don't think recent features have been below an established par. However, I do think it is great that you felt bold enough to publically dislike a map. It's always very courageous to do so. Par or no.

This level

just reminds me

how much

I suck

at this game.


I cant get much faster
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I myself used to be a reviewer; I understand that people don't always agree with you when you feature something. I was merely stating my opinion (hence the "imo" tag at the end).
map wasnt very fun at all...


As a featurer, I really liked this map. I'm not sure what you believe is par. Is there a universal goodness and badness of maps? If so, I think we should get rid of the rating system and hire you.

Second of all, this was not meant to be written in the model of Orson Scott Card, who I resent, mildly. It was just a piece of science fiction that I thought fit nicely with the map, which, to me, is all about the escaping of the player from an enclosed space. The story, imo, is about moving the reader from the enclosed space (anthrocentricity) to a wider spectrum, while at the same time exploring the gamut of fictionalized emotions possible with the future.

And once again, I really like the map. I'm sorry if you guys aren't getting the same thing out of it that I am.
and I don't see anything special about the map whatsoever :/

I really don't mean to bitch, but the recent features have been sub-par imo.

@script: check out Alfred Bester, specifically "Tiger Tiger"
(The american release was called "the stars are my destination")
and I don't know about the review.

the review

is cool but it's more like asimov than card. and yeah, everyone should read card's stuff. ender's game, that whole series, the ones about bean, etc. asimov is another one of my favorites.

Review = Awesome.
It's unratable, but if it was I'd give it a 2.

I love the review. I hate Orson Scott Card.
I've never heard of Orson Scott Card before (and I'd say RadiumFalcon hasn't either), I think I'll check him out sometime :D

To me the review sounded like something from the legends mode of a cyberpunk version of Dwarf Fortress. The map itself was quite nice too. Good job slapps and b_t. Keep it up.
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Did slappy even read the book? If he did, he shoulda included something like "The enemy's gate is down." in the review.


cant seem to get faster although i know its possible.
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I don't like his super hard columns.
His maps are just ugly. ><


i think Orson was bent


he did not.


I don't get it


Love it.
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