rocks and cities

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Author cahu
Tags action author:cahu easy mars rated simple
Created 2007-11-09
Last Modified 2007-11-09
by 6 people.
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Description another one of these, enjoy

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fluffed it majorly at the end
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thanks for comments

the rocket area is supposed to be a sort of playpark


1 frame faster than joshwapiano lol
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slow AGD

I really like this. At first I thought, oh, crap gold placement. But in fact, it's really good gold placement, and a nice amount of it too. ;)
quite enjoyed it, yo. 4/5. The tileset is so sexy, so actually 4.5/5.
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This map uses so little objects I thought it was a tileset to begin with...
But then I realised, and played it, and really enjoyed it.


don't use layered gold.

This is good.
First try all gold.

I danced with the rocket, the rocket danced with me.
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Why don't you try layered gold for the first three bits? :D