water fall

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Author cahu
Tags action artsy author:cahu medium ooh rated
Created 2007-11-10
Last Modified 2007-11-20
by 7 people.
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Description the abstract tiles are supposed to represent cool water tumbling down a mountainside, rippling and shining in the sunlight, the soft rumble echoing through the beautiful valley; and also the blood of your ninja as he splatters.

haha :)

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You are the only one who's posted a demo on my latest competition map,and it's pretty darn fast. Please? =]
A few more mines might do the trick.
Not so much that they limit your path, but just some here and there to make you think before you move.
but this wasn't supposed to be a minimalistic map! :P
ah well.

where would be best to place mines? i don't want to limit the ninja's speed or movement, or constrict the ninja to a specific path.
Would go down well in this map. I like this more than most of your minimalistic maps.