Follow That Drone!

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Author mrgy05
Tags 99 action author:mrgy05 competition demo demo-dda demodda iwuvturtlez playable turtle unrated
Created 2007-11-12
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Description **DEMO DDA MAP**

This is the second map that is going for Turtles Demo Competition.
( )

I based the map off of her demo from "Mandatory Amputation"
( )

The name resembles how N somewhat follows the drone through the map... but erm, not really? *Shrug*

Please enjoy!

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i likey this mapy


You scared me for a second, I had to open up a new N client and double check to make sure it worked, I would hate for the last 3 hours to be a waste :-P
but it worked this past time...


i dont think it worked...


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good idea

I should judge the ones that have been submitted

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