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Author bhz
Tags author:bhz dda hold-jump kradda rated
Created 2007-11-13
by 10 people.
Map Data

Description Try and guess what that means :)
Credit to v_to_the_fifth for the thwump part.
Hold jump.
HINT: The demo for this DDA gives the "1KF".
..."A4T" can be shown in the image.

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demo is played

but good map. 4
Demo Data


There are actually more close calls than some bitesized DDAs.

All in all....

this had few close calls, but was nicely executed.


I wasn't expecting such a high rating! 3.5?!?

@ HUH? 999 is close enough to be counted as 1000.

but how is it 1KF?

if there are only 999 frames?
Demo Data

Correct :p

lol that seemed easy.

i got it!

and i see no other posts right now, so here goes!
1 Kilo Frame (1000 frames) All "4" Tiles Hold Jump Keep the Rocket Alive Dont Do Anything