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Author JackPack
Tags action author:jackpack contest playable rated very-hard
Created 2007-11-13
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description Hey,this is a map my friend made. It is pretty insanely hard. The first completion gets a DED and ratings on there newest 10 maps. If some one can prove,and give full evidence,that this is impossible,they will get ratings on their last 5 maps. What are you waiting for? Play it. You know you want to... :P

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I know,

this map is pretty fly.

It now has a public rating =)

This map is good

Needs more publicity so it can get that all important rating. 4/5, but I have not been successful yet

it said no ratings

so i gave it a 4.5

i thought it was a good map and ashame that i forgot to rate it


is possible check out the demo
Demo Data


is so possible, i made this map, u just have to enter it correctly and run for ur life.
Demo Data

The Shoe

Hey, thats MY map!!:)

It is possible

to go the rocket way. It's just really hard. I know this because he beat the map that way.

Thanks, JackPack

I only have two maps on NUMA, so rate them if you like, or not if you don't want to.


Wizard Amul has won the contest! You will soon recieve the DED and ratings! :]


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Beat you


Demo Data

My Best Demo

Demo Data

I got

this far
Demo Data

Don't ask about

the pointless lap drone... Please...