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Author condog_111
Tags author:condog_111 bitesized playable ptic puzzle rated timelimit
Created 2007-11-14
Last Modified 2007-11-14
by 10 people.
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Description You wake up in a dark room. You can't see anything. You hear nothing.

Suddenly, you hear a voice.

"Greetings. I have been watching you for a while. It seems there is something wrong with the way you live your life. You foolishly take the gift of life given to you as granted. All you do is attempt to complete rooms filled with with things that will kill you, and whenever you die it means nothing to you. The room you are in has four exits. Only one is correct. To get to the exit, you must decipher the combination of the locks. But be quick, you only have 16 seconds. Oh, and be careful on the walls and floor. They have pressure activated mines below the surface. Let the game begin."
For the Psy Turrent Comp.

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:p Speedier.
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where did that guass turrent come from? i dont see it in edit mode
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i dont know
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first try

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Psy-Turret. You can dodge it you know.
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ah feets

you don't size a map because it gets good ratings, you do it because you think the map is an awesome map. It is entirely your opinion.



Quick demo...

My guy needed to go to the loo, so he was impatient...

Might size later if it gets well rated...
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thanks ghazbaran

i knew i forgot something

You need to say

"Let the game begin." or whatever it says

they are only safe

i you hit them at a low speed. Thats' the point.
guess i had been recording from another level too..

2nd try

and.. the walls are safe
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only watch if you are stumped.
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