0-3 Fire Coming Out of the Monkey's Head

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Author condog_111
Tags action author:condog_111 gorillaz greed playable rated tribute
Created 2007-11-17
Last Modified 2007-11-17
by 8 people.
Map Data

Description ***Dedicated to thedupli for the first completion of this map : ***

This is a teaser level for my episode which clovic is using in his map pack, which is a "dedication to music as whole"-(clovic) and my episode is a tribute to Gorillaz. Check out his pack here:

Now about the level. I tried to reflect what i felt were important aspects of the song as well as keep the theme of it. If anybody has queries about this, just ask.

Okay, all gold is possible, but it is a test of your greed. I will give a ded to the fastest AGD. Feedback would be appeciated.

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nice map. but part with the gold is a bit too hard.
Demo Data
I took it out, and then was able to complete it. but good map, 4/5