" Brave without the Bold "

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Author in_dub
Tags author:in_dub bitesized bold brave playable race rated sexy
Created 2007-11-18
Last Modified 2007-11-18
by 37 people.
Map Data

Description I got bored today... i decided to make a map and that is exactly waht i did. I had a look back over the recent maps i had made and i thought " boy' they all have zap drones n' them", i wasnt sure if that was good or not. But this time i left them out, yes i decided t make a map without zap drones in the. (laser drones are still in)

i know that was a big wedge of writing that is really irrelevant but i had to put some sort of description in.

(demo at bottom because quiet tricky)

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great race!

Demo Data


Demo Data

Second try AGD

Demo Data

Really smooth.

love it.
Demo Data

awesome map


great map


couldn't beat 1410 though
Demo Data


Good fun. 5aved definitely.


Demo Data

soo much fun! (:

because i enjoyed it so much -> 5/5

For you

1410 frames

someone gets beyond 1400 maybe?
Demo Data
Even the gold is flowy. 4/5.
Demo Data

Demo Data

fastest yet

took me a few tries, but i got it
Demo Data


loved the flow on this,it was very very cool! debating on the rating im gonna give you.

Not so fast

But, my first demo ever, so ok.
Demo Data


pretty generic and boring.


Fastest AGD

Demo Data

hahahaha wtf

was that for real >< haha


yeah, zap drones really arent my thing in races. i dunno, theres something about them in races that i just dont like.
Demo Data

average agd

good level. nothing too special - flow is just better than something generic and its fun to play for the first 2 or 3 goes till you get the agd. too much gold for my liking in a race. saying that i still give 4/5
Demo Data

I mean 4/5


1st try

Demo Data
But... but man, listen to that rich sound, and the colors, oh.
/me drools.

ME 2

but i messed up a few time
but still AGD
Demo Data

got it

Demo Data