Dungeon of Dooms: Treacherous Task

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Author mithril_silver
Tags author:mithril_silver dda rated
Created 2005-07-22
Last Modified 2005-07-22
by 38 people.
Map Data

Description After surviving the sacrificial chamber N came upon this huge cavern full of mines, thuwmps and traps... can he outlast them?

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Sacrificial Chamber

Ok Here is my version of a all thwumps DDA... there is a couple of trapdoors and a couple of bounce blocks but no pads for transportation except one for the catapult Enjoy comments plz

O ya and the weird glitch in the last room... the thwump doesnt move...

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i dont see any pads 100%


Not as good as your others, but still good


Grats, for some reason people rated mine down. It deserved a four... i KNEW it >.<

Wait a sec...

I saw this already... But I didn't rate or comment :o
Well 4/5 :)


I give it a 4/5


well there was two comments and one rate lol but anyways:
its a thwump DDA so its kinda hard to put an enemy in there but i tried and failed so i didnt put one in there
despite the fact that i think DDAs are sort of dumb. 4/5


very nicely placed mines! it was a little too short, and not enough enemies. good job though, i liked it