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Author condog_111
Tags author:condog_111 flow flowy non-playable race rated tileset
Created 2007-11-22
by 7 people.
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Description Alright i posted this on metanet and it was ignored so i'll try here. I have this super flowy tileset, and i want to make a race with someone. If you want to do it, tell me. Flow Demo included.

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damn so close to fastest! and only three years too late!!!
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Gosh Dagga..

is that the best you can do? =P

5/5 for flowlyness, and coolness and othernesses that I won't ness.. er, say.

I can collab

Ive tried some ideas already

almost fastest

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This has gotta be the flowest map to date! I'm not sure it should be right at the top of the top rated, though.



Fasterrrrrrrrr flow demo!1!!1!11!!!11111!
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we already did one

but sure if anyone else wants to, why not? SO Jack Pack, since you got here first, if you still want to, lets get mapping!


ill COLLAB this map with you if you still want to.


:D Faster flow demo!
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I will

but its probably best you team up with ska. I've only made one race before. :]


THATS flowy!


Here's the flow demo. Take a look. The path i have doesn't double up anywhere. Do you want to do it this way, or try to make it longer?
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Is this

how it's supposed to be? I think I missed something....
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I will.