The Hungry Prospector

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Author condog_111
Tags author:condog_111 ded destiny goldmine hungry playable prospector race rated
Created 2007-11-23
Last Modified 2007-11-23
by 20 people.
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Description ***LAG WARNING - don't rate down for lag***
The prospector was very hungry for gold, so he ventured into the forbidden mine. Now he knows why it's forbidden

Okay i have been working on this for a while - longer than i do on most maps. This is only my second (completed) race, so don't be too tough. Or do be, i can take it.

This is for destiny for making awesome races and helping me on this one. :D

Beat my demo for a ded.
Flow demo included. Please DREC. Demo, Rate, Enjoy, Comment.

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hates all maps

that was me elaborating for him
i would like to know what i could improve on.

I usually just take out all of the enemys (excluding mines/thwumps) just so I can still enjoy the flow. pretty good race though. 4/5.
and i think it ownz!

thnx for mentioning me ^^


yes he does

indeedily doo
I'll rate down for anything that doesn't make this map perfect. That's usually the point.
i looked at it, and it is totally different. Well, as different as two races can be.
When it was called "Order" by MARIJNENANDRIES.
Like, honestly, I've seen more of these than I can remember. Originality pl0x? 4/5-still a good job.

I removed

all but five gold in each gold spot.

5aved, but really, since it's a race you don't need to add any gold if you don't want to. Make the gold something that you can get if you have a perfect or near-perfect run. That's my only advice for this map. Oh, actually, you don't need as many mines, especially around the rockets.

Still... it is awesome.


but very hard


its lag-tastic!
still 4/5.
take it out, then demo. Everyone remain happy.

Sweet Jesus. That was an incredible run. Consider yourself ded'd.
Great map too. Loved everything except lag. I know you said don't rate down for it, but that's kinda like someone saying "please don't rate down cause it's sucks." you coulda probably taken out some gold. Anyways, 4aved.
Demo Data

thank you

what you could do is edit out the gold, finish it and then send the demo in. It should still work.


i had to edit it so there was only 1 layer of gold everywhere so i could actually play it.. lol
it was good.
very good.
would bitesize if i could

Flow Demo

If i did it, so can you.
Demo Data