One, and Only One Way

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Author Crank_Dat
Tags action author:crank_dat gaussturret gold mines playable rated rockets thwumps
Created 2007-11-23
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description well shit.... this took me about 15 minutes so you better enjoy it damit!

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I never spend less than 3 hours on a map =D

that's why it takes me so long to submit stuff...

3/5 BTW

15 Minutes?

That's lazy. I don't spend less than 25 minutes on a map. If 15 minutes is the longest you've spent, then don't be surprised if it's not good.

This ain't so bad

Just needs some cleaning up. I like the exit switch room.

Oh noes!

15 minutes? On no, that's sooooooooooooooooooooooooo long!

I agree with Bullet and testpilot. You should really spend more than a couple of minutes on any map you do.

oh 15 minutes?

so thats why it sucks.
like testpilot said "dry and unfun."
btw you regretting the name yet?


spend more time on the next map. Make sure it's. . .enjoyable. Sorry to be blunt, but I personally found this map dry and unfun. NR