The Super Special Awesome Burger.

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Author Bunniesandsheep
Tags author:bunniesandsheep awesome bitesized bunnyish cookies cool featured race rated sheepish special super
Created 2007-11-25
Last Modified 2007-11-25
by 32 people.
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Description The lazer timing on this if effing amazing. I love it. I hope you love it too. it should work fine both with or without demo recording, and if it stuffs up repeatedly then tell me or try to go faster. I like the length of this race, especially since I managed to fit in some big jumps even with the length. demo included.


This map was featured on 2010-10-05

One of the best race makers of his, or indeed any, generation is Bunniesandsheep. He easily combines close calls with insane flow and awesome looks. In this particular example, the lasers are timed to perfection, powering down just frames before an unavoidable collision.

So come on down to B&S, where the Super Special Awesome Burger comes with extra lasers, a splattering of rockets and a side-order of extra large gold.

Just be careful and try not to bite off more than you can chew. — ChrisE

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I'm gone 5 minutes and something I make like a year ago is featured :D (I thought people would have forgotten me by now :D)

Yeah, I don't really think it's my best either. But I did this for fun :P

What AMLT said

The review was great, but this map was horrid. All the value and effort spent in making the laser timing + flow work out went to shit because the difference of a few frames was the deciding factor of whether you lived or tab-q'd. It's a shame, it had alot of potential too.

i love the review! :P


Flow and lasers pretty cool. The aesthetics are appalling, but that might just be it being so dated.
...which involve improbable flow.

Not... my favorite.

The timing was good, but not good enough to compensate for the other areas that didn't work so well. It didn't feel as fluid as it could have to me.


I try a fbf demo but when you go to fast lasers hit you. Also the end is cutable. But very brilliant design and atmosphere, it's fun to play.

weird :O

i played this three years ago and commented, and I don't remember it at all. anyway, on retrospective, it's game-play is exhilarating, engaging and addictive despite the poor aesthetics. agd (didn't watch any demos for this either, 185.350)
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Felt multi-pathed.

I've seen better



I love your race maps. 5aved.


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4 just for the timing though


enjoy =]
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